Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bridges Turns 7 !

Bridges Last Saturday!

Can i Start By saying thank you.To my whole DP Sound crew.The Amount OF Love you have shown our city over the years is Unmatched. Always with the Thought in Mind to "Bridge" the different sounds together from Hip Hop to House. Always letting the Dancers Have a place to go Two Rooms a Must At one time 3 back in the day at Zen Sushi. I Would see mad kids hyped to move from one room to another Circles forming where they could and always the Music Music Music Shit there are so many Djs on the bill we needed all those rooms...+ Guests from Local Hero's To All time greats..what I'm getting at is Bridges is its on Experience. This is why i am so proud of us.. I Have to say While being involved in other Long running events in the Los Angeles Club scene Bridges has just been a step above in my heart we created our own crowd sound look and that's what matters.I look Forward to the future with The Crew.Thank you to Dj's Numark & Icy Ice for Rep ping @ our 7yr Anniversary and Thank you Family of Dancers that have graced our floor over the years Always Hot & Sweating De Hydrated but for that Moment in a state of one Called Bridges..

Crew Roll Call

Phers 1.RareForm.Adrian Younge.Azul.Strife.Suckapunch.Jayski.Trek
Life.Mark Luv.Joelskee.MZA.Jay-P.Kupa.Em-1

Highlights From 7 Below

Thank you Rona for your contributing photos

One more Surprise
i just Uploaded 557 photos from Bridges Past
Including our 5th,4th,& 3rd yrs Anniversary Parties!!
+ other random nights i could find,Most of these have never been seen.Enjoy.