Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doors of Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.
--William Blake

The Doors

Donald Lipski

The Doors is the first in a series of significant public and privately funded artworks that will populate Scottsdale’s Arizona Canal area. The sculpture sets a high bar for future additions to the canal area collection as it offers all the best elements of experiential art—it is approachable, unique and fun, and appealing to motorists and pedestrians alike. In addition, The Doors has a dynamic quality that will encourage visitors to re-experience the sculpture at different times of the day as well as over time. The sculpture invites exploration—not only of itself—but of the entire downtown as well.

Friday, August 28, 2009

By the Time i Get to Arizona

7:00 am August 28th 2009 started like this.

its been a interesting Past 2 weeks in LA since the my last trip,Headed for Scottsdale
(slutsdale? coined by a friend the other day)
Arizona with the H+R CRew to print at 944 the 8yr anniversary party..

Yipee we all know how these events go down i heard it's 111 degree's
printing on the pool deck,While the privileged drunks romp around in little to nothing.crew life.
lets flash back a bit..Portland.DEW tour.what happens when u give 2500 8-16yr old's Free
Mt. Dew & Wendy's burgers all day, mixed up with video Play stations x box game stations
Nike give aways and H+R posters..crazy high fructose promo carnival frenzy..
NOT to mention Brain damage and diabetes...
i was talking to one of the workers supplying the dew.
they went thru 42 cases an hour each can is 46 grams of sugar each kid pounds at least 2 cans in 3 minutes cause they break them up in these sample cups 4 cups one can..i was amazed watching the lines ,double fist ed kids passing it off to there friends grabbing more like it was the Fountain of DEW of youth.. then about facing 50 steps to Wendy's stand.YUCK.hey parents is this really what u want? I'm sure by the end of the day the cranky sugar crash fits made a few parents wonder why they had kids..

Never the less crew was in Pro form (Brandy,kutmah,Alister) you can imagine some of the Bratty Amped up kids we had to deal with..future Fake Divas & jr Doooosh bags..j/k
One kid said to me "hey You Make sure its Perfect" ok? "yeah make sure there is lots of ink on it..i want it perfect like, that one" (in my head) really little dude u must get your way a lot at home..i tried so hard to fuck it didn't happen.Rats..
so once again he must think his way of communication works..Thanks.

My second trip this year to Portland was good,found an awesome Mexican spot,got some voodoo donuts rode Free train public transportation,Bikes.Bikes.Bikes.Portland Dew Games Nightlife..Old school Tom Beacon Rooftop sessions.clean air fresh food and lots of walking..

Know one was hurt in the photo above
you should never be this drunk in public

Full Pictures soon. on the Plane Back in the City:

H+ R Present:"WHATS NEXT LA " # 2

BTW: this Past Wednesday night NBA LIVE 10 Gave artists from there soundtrack of the game a chance to play and compete with one another..Xzibit, DJ Quik, Young Dre The Truth, Murs, Jay Rock, B.o.B, DJ Babu were in the house.I got to take pictures.
Thank you Rona & Raphaella

see URB Blog

Now we Kind of Caught up.

Today on a Plane to Arizona.
meet up with Brandy Flower & Erok 10am.
load the truck out by 10:30
11:00 stopped by Random car check out side LAX,we get Saluted? then asked to move on.check bags Hey those are security dogs in the Airport..OVER THE LOUD SPEAKER:Brandy Flower please report to TSA Bag check.."Brandy Flower" yo B that's you..
10 minutes pass something is wrong here..
over hearing "this sux" they wont let us take the inks :
our ink looks like BOMB making stuff need labeling information tha'ts not on bottles..

Plan B get in a cab fedex the ink change our flight,grab some Bean Burro's and discuss Regan and Obama.. Board our flight and land @ 420.
the Adventure Begins..

its 2:22 am

Thursday, August 13, 2009


10 Hours in Portland.
10 miles walked
1 Really good salmon burrito
2 cab rides one rooftop Session.
Tomorrow we Print.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Return to DoOver!

What to say.
Maybe the best way to describe it.. its like having a date with a x girlfriend, you know kind of what to expect but you know there have been some changes..(if you are lucky) Nervous.. but feeling confident about how Witty & hot you still are..after good conversation some food & few drinks you look at each other and its either sex or have a good night friend.Simple.
Sunday Turned into AWESOME SEX. why,did i leave you anyway.
Oh Yeah that's wasn't because of the sex.

Listen in.

So after a non stop weekend Friday night Adam 12, Janice birthday Madness,up early to H+R Standard Poolside Party and Then a Rhythm section Evening...
(the old man is burnt)

Sunday morning had Arrived. Back to the nerves ..what do i play!?!?! yes this still makes me a mess. for a Second then i lock down and focus
(of course the phone is ringing people want to know what time i go on & so answer.sorry.)

i get a Random text from Rareform that he's playing from 5 to 6.right after me smiling. thinking to my self gonna make it hard for a friend way.all djs compete.
Now if you know about do over they keep the guests a secret so u never know who u might be playing with..lucky for my Post Traumatic dj syndrome
i don't know who else is going to show up.. that would of made Organize music time a whole lot more stressful..
so all ready to go Wax Only in the Bag..Time to make my Return.3pm, at the spot to my Surprise Line outside Already Packed but the parking gods got me!
Here it is,so familiar its all coming i hear deep House? Jamie in the Mix,ok smiles and hand shakes as I'm greeted by Mr Haycock.

I say thank you again because its the truth. i know whats about to happen but then again i don't know anything..Lets get started.. Handed the mic and the sound check begins
"yo yo, you know how we do..Do Over Sunday Steeze my name is Azul I'm your host for today"
its on.i play in an hour,Lets clam the nerves Stella please.40 Minutes in Chris asked if i want to get on a bit Early.YUP.MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC when hits you feel no pain... imagine how it feels to be doing the hit and seeing the reaction.thank u for this gift.
In those moments of good Musical sets that feel right..
the love and joy of playing music can make u forget all that has happen b4.

fast forward 60 minutes:
Rareform is there and ready to do his thing , followed by NYC'S Class act Rich Medina to Future kid A-Trak and to wrap it up dj Momoa killing it on his first time in LA..we all had one of those days..Rumor is one of the Best Do's Yet.when the vibe is right all the dancing Sweaty smiles,shouts,and music control the outside world from entering and all is lost in the sounds of the never gets old.

a wonderful Sunday so many LA Fam in the house it felt like back in the days when i was a regular host and Do Over was the new hott spot on the block.

I didn't shoot to many pictures just was so caught up in it all see all photos here
but did get some really good videos.. 213* films for the full effect of what happen.
all the sets are also recorded and pod cast ed so looking forward to getting my set and sharing it with you.. Listen in.
Big up Do Over crew for reaching out.
Until again.