Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Catch me if YOU Can.?!

This Past Sunday i joined in with maybe 250 other peeps for this so called secret ride..lol.
i had lots of fun And it was benefit for The Pablove Foundation, that's what its all about.

About the Pablove Foundation:
The Pablove Foundation is named after Pablo Castelaz, the son of Dangerbird Records co-founder Jeff Castelaz and his wife Jo Ann Thrailkill. On May 17, 2008, Pablo was diagnosed with bilateral Wilms' Tumor, a rare form of children's cancer. The cancer appeared out of nowhere, with no warning signs in Pablo's general demeanor or health. He underwent treatment at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. On June 27, 2009, Pablo's individual fight with cancer ended. But we fight on in his name, with the spirit of love that Pablo embodied and inspired. Specifically, the Pablove Foundation makes an annual contribution to cancer research and treatment at CHLA's Saban Research Institute, one of the top cancer research facilities in the United States. It also supports play activities, music and arts programs, and sponsors play rooms in the soft tumor units at CHLA. These 'units' are actually entire floors of the hospital, which are filled with brave, beautiful children at any time of the year. A strolling minstrel, a board game, a book, or an art easel bring such joy to the heart of a child whose life has been temporarily reduced to a small hospital room. For more info please visit

but in all truth it wasn't much of a ride well at least not what I'm used too (i always ride alone) the idea seemed cool:

There will be a flat bed truck parked in front of the shop. This flat bed truck will be traveling from Silverlake to Downtown as you follow it on your bike. The Headhunters will be performing live on the back of the truck while you laugh and love your life.
The mystery ride will include games, prizes, raffle tickets, fun, and clues to the location of the after party.
lets do this then..

i started my Adventure taken the Metro redline..while been asked by some shady looking cats how expensive my bike was...um not that expensive really i replied.. and then with strange faces i was met!? so next stop Vermont and santa monica..excuse me that's my stop off to Orange 20 the Meeting place for the ride..

i was planning on meeting some friends Karla,G Brown & Rod.. so i roll up and find my folks.. karla invited some of her crew Ms.Denice & Doobie to join as well doobie also had some homeys there too, so we had a little pack which is always a good idea..first plan of action cold beers!! looks like we might be here for a minute as they get the sound ready for the first performance of the afternoon..

Bikes galore hipsters even more..GREAT...i mean i knew it was going to be that way already but there is nothing like seeing all these dudes with there EXPENSIVE bikes and such and u know they don't really ride..don't get me wrong there where def nit some riders there for sure but when u see bikes so clean like they just came out the store that's another story..
a couple of coronas in to it "Headhunters"? takes the stage....OMG.
3 extremely skinny white boys with ski masks..
ok ? i've had enough. when do we ride!?

about 15 minutes later we take off... of course a pack of about 20 break away not waiting for the truck thank you, i quickly realize that i will be leading the pack if i want too.
so we shoot up sunset to our first stop in front of the echo.
the stops are cool but it takes them so long to set up and perform that its a bit of a lag.
we drink more beers..

next stop little Tokyo Archrival ..buzzing a bit now another half an hour wait then we hit 4th and spring..i thought i was actually going to see a new route or something mostly my hood local run.
I'm used to riding 30 miles a day so this was not what i was expecting at all.so casual and social..i do loves the feeling of all of us on bikes blocking the street for cars that's always fresh but..
i can see how this is going less talking and drinking more riding please.....so at the last stop i bump into grace and theo leaving there spot on bikes to some wrap party they were like wtf? is going on here...so one more performance and then they announce that the ride is over and the party wont start for another hour? so we tally up a crew vote and decide to go to "sugar lips" house for a pit stop..thats what the girls called him.long story short.after we rolled by the party and did the math 250 people about 200 of them men..doesnt sound like our kind of a party more like sweaty sausage party..lets roll out kind of starving by now anyhizz , in honor of that.. we ended up on 3rd street eating veggie sausage's and drinking more beer.... it was a good day for sure. bikes are bomb with or with out the hipsters and truth be told they were lots of different people on this ride that makes it really a good thing indeed!!
if more of us rode bikes our air or life in general would improve for sure.
Mad love to The heads at Kinfolk and Smoke & Mirrors Life for putting this on I'm sure a lot of hard work went it to it and i am thankful for that..whens the next one count me in!!!
big up!!
The Archrival, Origami Records, Blends LA, Orange 20 Bicycles, Trackosaurusrex, Enjoy Human, The Disco Vietnam, FMLY, LBC Sprints, Dangerbird Records, Filter Magazine, Honest Tea, Monster, The Pablove Foundation, and Asahi.
The 213* G ride is coming soon.watch out!!!

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