Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live From East side love.

Back in December i Teamed up with Toks Kutmah & Ms Min Cha to do a night dedicated to world Music.. a New spot that is right down the street from me.. i had been talking about doing something since it opened and then bumping into the owner who i knew casually from back in my house party days in the northeast of LA..


It was suppose to be a regular thing but A so called Miscommunication with the venue Owner lead to only one night??.. i was under the impression as i promoted it. he? maybe cold feet? this is a regular thing in the city of Angels bar owners talk a good game..but walk a fine line on telling white lies..alot of yeah yeah yeahs on the phone and in meetings then the night of blank faces and really i dont remember saying that..Really? ok. (Sorry Min.)

its not like we were slow for a first night.. on a Wednesday that he was never open on b4 U think he would bother promoting our event even on his website? no.this place can barely hold 75 folks we were at 25-30 most of the night.. Of course our close folks came out even some random faces going well in my book,i even went into it telling him, the first night we wouldn't even talk about a cut of the bar..i wanted to build slow and have a place to share the music..
Called him in a week to discuss the upcoming one... i got a surprised: huh next one?
Me: no more next time...ok?!?. (CLEAR.I get it)
anyhow.THE MUSIC LIVES ON..the most important part.

This past weekend on the trip to Tahoe i thought it would be a good thing to edit the mixes for the guys to listen while on the trip.Djs love the live mix's i think cause its really in the momment and most of us never record them so its special..well with these two guys for was a good night and the music is a direct reflection of it.. we all thought it would be best to share these mixes so here they are..Enjoy ,Very thankful for Them.
some pictures of the night first o fcourse..

Listen to the music.




how we Promoted it.

Meet us Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday Nights Starting Dec 3rd 2008 for some Funky Winter Warming World Music Sessions,with your selectors Azul,Kutmah,& Toks
Drinks served and Created by Ms.Min

The d├ęcor: "cholo chic." It's a mash-up of Tijuana brothel, Victorian sitting room and cool Hollywood rendezvous,The walls are covered with flocked wallpaper, the ceilings with decorative tin panels. The arched wine rack behind the bar, with its trestle-like storage spaces, evokes the bridges that span the nearby L.A. River. The custom chandeliers are made of stiffened chain link, evoking low-rider steering wheels.
The long, elevated bench is upholstered in black corduroy to simulate so-called wino house slippers, a gangster fashion favorite. And armchairs are wrapped in clear plastic, a tribute to abuelita's method of preserving the living room furniture.
you ready or what.!?

This night is a bit Different we will be controlling the full atmosphere from our Lovely Hostess bartender to our Magical drink menus all Mashed up with some unheard tunes from around the world..Were Looking for this to be a place for GROWN folk to meet,relax,build ,share ideas & Smiles..where else but the East Side. We also have some special Treats Planned for you..from live Art to live performances
oh yeah and its FREE.
would love to see you.


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