Saturday, July 25, 2009

930am Tahoe time.

Werd.we chilling in the big two floor condo 2 bedroom king size bed Double shower heads 8th floor view of the golf course and Mountain range room..after yesterday started with a rush to the airport to get 10 crew members and check 10 equipment bags on a flight to Tahoe.. last to board but u know they saved the best for last..crew

landed. get the rentals 2 GMC Tahoe's for Tahoe good we rolled about an hour drive from the arrive at the village the same place they built for the 84 Olympics.. we needed to get set up b4 we hit the Hotel, so the night could be ours..after a crazy ass truck ride to the "High camp" all the way up the Mountain,we found our location for the weekend The Converse Target art Dome..

so we got the rundown from the Corp heads set up run some tests and decided to hike down the Mountain and ride the tram back!Toks Hates Heights had no idea (" im from Africa there aint no trams over Mountain shit,you said lake Tahoe not Mt. Tahoe") he be 11,000 ft Printing T shirts...By this time crew is Starving.hit the hotel, felt like we were on the MTV real world...full kitchen so Intern the cook of the crew was ready to throw down,blunts rolled smoked. eat time..steaks,spinach,mushrooms,bok choi,other mixed veggies and vodka and crown royal to keep it smooth.. time to its 930 we bout to get ready for our first day at wonder lust bring on the hippies.

10 hrs later its 931pm ,say tired... long hott day.

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