Saturday, July 18, 2009

RT@Jesus are u getting this or what!

So with all this twitter craze going on and everyone and there mom taken it so fucken serious!?!? (PLEASE) What a day making event to see this sign i had my friend make a U turn so i could pull over and photograph it...i have to admit i think twitter isnt really that cool at all and its also a question of who owns twitter? why every TV network Record label tv shows and so on and so on are promoting it using it Brainwashing us like i need to use it & I'm missing out on there ramble to make me use more of there un useful information and products.. ..what I'm getting at is all the big CORPS support twitter...hummm interesting, who are these people that figured out how to tie all this together connected the dots in such a way to make sense of this waste of time that also seems to be a tracking device on your phone..
i heard of all these new security issues about people twitting and all the trouble that might arise from someone seeing a twit that not suppose too ..i remember the saying keep my name out your a days keep your twit shut or i will shut it for you? who knows .as for me..i use it like a video game i twit stuff that i could care less about.. sorry but its true you want to know what im doing call me up let me know let me here your voice not the sound of my phone going off cause i got twit from u and then u getting mad at me cause i didnt twit you back?and what about all these people in the same room with each other twitting back and forth or at a concert twitting to each other..what about watching the concert.. isnt that what u are there for? i mean its unfortunate to see people with there faces in the phone while some live ish is going on right in front of them Telling the person next to them FF @ RT@ TT%$#!! too much ALREADY...maybe I'm getting old or i just don't care all that much.(i can just see all the un Followers of me after reading this..i mean it was just two years ago that i lifted my text block..cause b4 that me and the x were chilling on Christmas day when our phones didn't ring once with voices of friends but mass texts wishing us cheer on that day...we both looked at each other and knew what we had to do..just so un back to who is behind twitter my answer the CIA. right?. Some government agency or something..i mean come on who else?..instead of looking for you. lets make a device that all these ego maniacs can tell us what there doing and we will put it in there fancy phones that use our GPS (you know they use the same satellite btw) and track them and keep it all friendly.think about it sounds like a perfect plan...alright enough But hats off to Pastor Joey for bringing it up this Sunday right on brother PREACH!!
i think Jesus would be like whats a twitter anyways..

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