Monday, July 19, 2010

Arthur Verocai

Sometimes You Get to do things you Never thought Possible..
I mean Most of my Life some of the the Events and Music Circles i have been Involved in Have Given me the mindset to Expect the UN thinkable while Always thinking what is next to up the Anti.. At Times it can Be An Awkward Stressful Experience,Rewarding no Doubt.This in it's self is a wonderful Place To Be.

When i Got the Call at Midnight From B+, I was Fast Asleep..Not Knowing he was Planning on Asking Me to Introduce & Host Arthur Verocai's Live Performance The Next Day.. Say Whoa.
Flashback* Last Year when I worked on the Timeless Events..
(Suite For Ma Dukes,Arthur Verocai & Mulatu) it Was one of those times when you look around at whats Happening..Being on stage Capturing Actual Musical History & wondering how did i get here!?

Arthur's Story is Something like that as well..When he released his Self Titled Album in 72 it was met with Commercial Failure he put his heart & soul into this record & never really listened to it Again. i can imagine his disappointment..Then 37 years later performing it live For the First time + in Los Angeles for the First time to a sold out crowd of all ages?!


One Year later the DVD's are Made the interviews have been done, More Fans Have Been Created & Arthur is Back in town for his Second time in LA... Fresh Off The Timeless Movie Screening & in studio performance on KCRW .Me I'm Crazy Nervous.I have so much Respect For this Man & his journey in the Music, the link that seems to tie us All Together Now.

I show up to 1st Sound check as requested Check in with the Mochilla Fam & Friends.It's Busy Work time Final Preps, Lights Getting Focused Cameras getting Set up the whole Rush to Show Time. I get Handed my Bullet Points Script..Its Real For me Now.

we Break For Lunch.. Relax a Bit Then ReGroup for The 2nd Sound check It Runs Long , its Almost Show Time..Doors At 8 we running Late.By this Time I have worked my self into full sweat Mode (Nerves) I Host A Lot of Events but this was Different the LATC is a very intimate Venue its Designed to have an all eyes on you feel.. it was a big deal for me i really Didn't want to F*%K it up.

The Crowd starts Filling in.. B+ Gives me the 5 minute look & i go over in my head what i Might say Cause Sometimes things just come out of My Mouth.. Walking out to my Spotlit Podium i get a 213 shout out from Someone in the crowd that felt Good. I Welcome Everyone & explain how the night will go, Got All my Bullet Points In..

"Our First part of the show will be Miguel Atwood-Ferguson's Quartetto Fantastico"

They Finish to standing Ovations Of course. We take a 10 Minute intermission while the Orchestra gets set up.You Can Feel it in the Air Whats About to Happen.My Nervousness has now Giving way to the Moment at hand, its Good to Be here in the Now Present to Witness Such Musical Greatness.

The lights Dim everyone is back in there seats, all is Quite But for the Sound of My Voice.

"with out further a do The Man from Brasil Composer,arranger producer,and guitar player Arthur Verocai".. The House Erupts in applause's

With An Encore of NA BOCA DO SOL(At the Mouth of the Sun) we finished the Evening. Another moment in time to be shared for years to come.. After one of these events the buzz of life goes through you and it remains for days..makes it easy to Smile & Dream About What is Possible..Thank you Arthur.

Big Shouts to the Musicians:
Arthur Verocai – Composer
Diana Booker – Singer
Leo Costa – Drums
Fabiano Nascimento - Guitar
Miguel Atwood Ferguson – Viola
Daphne Chen – Violin
Paul Cartwright – Violin
Peter Jacobson – Cello
Edwin Livingston - Bass
Brandon Coleman – Keys
Justo Almario - Sax and Flute
Phil Ranelin – Trombone
Todd Simon – Trumpet
Krishna Booker - Percussions

Friday, July 16, 2010

Funk My Life* San Francisco

San Francisco How Much I Love you, never a bad Vibe when i see you.
You have a special way in the Bay that always makes me feel welcome.

This Weekend was just as good as the Many in the Past.
Hit the Road Early AM Friday with #1 on not much Sleep since i was up The night before shooting For the KUTMAH Benefit.No Worries though that seems to be how i get down for the last.. um i don't know 15 yrs.

The road trip is always an Energizer..With UN expected Visual Treats & old familiar ones to remind you of how many times you might of been on this road at different times in your life. i like to drive. it's something i do well & the 5 north to the bay is always an easy drive if done Early Enough.. a little too early for me on this day.#1 Decided she should drive the first Leg of the Trip.
i don't Argue with the VP.. OK, i Do But She Seems to Be Right all the Time.Blessed*

(stay away from Prius drivers on the Road they will hurt you with there Blind Spots)

The Peace Project was Making its Second trip in a year For the Party Funk My Life*
My SF Sister Ieanna Cruz aka Dj Umami set it up.
She has always supported the Project.<3
So we Arrive Grab Some Lunch get Adjusted & Do the Show..

After Standing on my Feet the last two nights ,I Was Dead Tired but Added a Good 100 something People to the Project that Night. 2 am!we wrapped it up..
we hit a late night Thai Veggie Spot..Drove Back to the Crib and passed out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TOFU LARB Makes Ieanna Smile

Two days in the Bay What to do.Shop.Food.Friends.Nightlife.
#1 got some new Glasses Ieanna got some new records Vegan Soul food was Had..
Saw an Awesome Art show,Hung out with ShortKut & Fran Boggie at Foundation..
Caught up with Dj Issa was Fortunate to catch a sunday Afternoon Dj Set by Vikter Duplaix. Had a home cooked Vegan Meal a good nights sleep, then Back on the road to LA by Monday!!

Till Next Time.