Friday, July 16, 2010


June 29th Kutmah Released!!
June 29th Kutmah Released!!
June 29th Kutmah Released!!

He was sent to Old London Town where he will DESTROY there minds With Music & Art to only Become the HUGE star That he is..Kutmah's First free Meal was Popeye's Chicken.. Classic
Thank you to all that came out & supported The event Last Month
over 400 beautiful Los Angelenos showed up and donated funds !!!
We Love you... LA Loves you Man & so do Most of these People Below..

213* Free Kutmah Booth

If you Not Knowing!?

Kutmah was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US with his mother when he was 12 years old. They immediately applied for residency to keep them from being sent to Egypt. As a British citizen the court ruled that he would be able to live in the UK which in their eyes wasn't such a bad place. They denied their application.Kutmah and his Mom returned to court to plead their case 14 years ago when Kutmah was 20. They were again denied a green card and were urged to sign a document stating they would voluntary leave the US.May 5th armed agents entered Kutmah's house and detained him. He was brought to a facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated. The Next Day he was moved to New Mexico.

Two months ago, news broke that the popular Dublab and Low End Theory-affiliated DJ,Justin "Kutmah" McNultyhad been detained by Department of Homeland Security authorities for failing to honor a voluntary deportation notice that he had signed over a decade earlier.

The arrest triggered a campaign to save the artist and musician from being forced to leave the country, a plea that ultimately fell short when he was deported to England two weeks ago, following a nearly two month detention in a processing center in New Mexico.


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