Friday, July 16, 2010

Funk My Life* San Francisco

San Francisco How Much I Love you, never a bad Vibe when i see you.
You have a special way in the Bay that always makes me feel welcome.

This Weekend was just as good as the Many in the Past.
Hit the Road Early AM Friday with #1 on not much Sleep since i was up The night before shooting For the KUTMAH Benefit.No Worries though that seems to be how i get down for the last.. um i don't know 15 yrs.

The road trip is always an Energizer..With UN expected Visual Treats & old familiar ones to remind you of how many times you might of been on this road at different times in your life. i like to drive. it's something i do well & the 5 north to the bay is always an easy drive if done Early Enough.. a little too early for me on this day.#1 Decided she should drive the first Leg of the Trip.
i don't Argue with the VP.. OK, i Do But She Seems to Be Right all the Time.Blessed*

(stay away from Prius drivers on the Road they will hurt you with there Blind Spots)

The Peace Project was Making its Second trip in a year For the Party Funk My Life*
My SF Sister Ieanna Cruz aka Dj Umami set it up.
She has always supported the Project.<3
So we Arrive Grab Some Lunch get Adjusted & Do the Show..

After Standing on my Feet the last two nights ,I Was Dead Tired but Added a Good 100 something People to the Project that Night. 2 am!we wrapped it up..
we hit a late night Thai Veggie Spot..Drove Back to the Crib and passed out zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

TOFU LARB Makes Ieanna Smile

Two days in the Bay What to do.Shop.Food.Friends.Nightlife.
#1 got some new Glasses Ieanna got some new records Vegan Soul food was Had..
Saw an Awesome Art show,Hung out with ShortKut & Fran Boggie at Foundation..
Caught up with Dj Issa was Fortunate to catch a sunday Afternoon Dj Set by Vikter Duplaix. Had a home cooked Vegan Meal a good nights sleep, then Back on the road to LA by Monday!!

Till Next Time.

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