Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Live From East side love.

Back in December i Teamed up with Toks Kutmah & Ms Min Cha to do a night dedicated to world Music.. a New spot that is right down the street from me.. i had been talking about doing something since it opened and then bumping into the owner who i knew casually from back in my house party days in the northeast of LA..


It was suppose to be a regular thing but A so called Miscommunication with the venue Owner lead to only one night??.. i was under the impression as i promoted it. he? maybe cold feet? this is a regular thing in the city of Angels bar owners talk a good game..but walk a fine line on telling white lies..alot of yeah yeah yeahs on the phone and in meetings then the night of blank faces and really i dont remember saying that..Really? ok. (Sorry Min.)

its not like we were slow for a first night.. on a Wednesday that he was never open on b4 U think he would bother promoting our event even on his website? no.this place can barely hold 75 folks we were at 25-30 most of the night.. Of course our close folks came out even some random faces going well in my book,i even went into it telling him, the first night we wouldn't even talk about a cut of the bar..i wanted to build slow and have a place to share the music..
Called him in a week to discuss the upcoming one... i got a surprised: huh next one?
Me: no more next time...ok?!?. (CLEAR.I get it)
anyhow.THE MUSIC LIVES ON..the most important part.

This past weekend on the trip to Tahoe i thought it would be a good thing to edit the mixes for the guys to listen while on the trip.Djs love the live mix's i think cause its really in the momment and most of us never record them so its special..well with these two guys for was a good night and the music is a direct reflection of it.. we all thought it would be best to share these mixes so here they are..Enjoy ,Very thankful for Them.
some pictures of the night first o fcourse..

Listen to the music.




how we Promoted it.

Meet us Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday Nights Starting Dec 3rd 2008 for some Funky Winter Warming World Music Sessions,with your selectors Azul,Kutmah,& Toks
Drinks served and Created by Ms.Min

The d├ęcor: "cholo chic." It's a mash-up of Tijuana brothel, Victorian sitting room and cool Hollywood rendezvous,The walls are covered with flocked wallpaper, the ceilings with decorative tin panels. The arched wine rack behind the bar, with its trestle-like storage spaces, evokes the bridges that span the nearby L.A. River. The custom chandeliers are made of stiffened chain link, evoking low-rider steering wheels.
The long, elevated bench is upholstered in black corduroy to simulate so-called wino house slippers, a gangster fashion favorite. And armchairs are wrapped in clear plastic, a tribute to abuelita's method of preserving the living room furniture.
you ready or what.!?

This night is a bit Different we will be controlling the full atmosphere from our Lovely Hostess bartender to our Magical drink menus all Mashed up with some unheard tunes from around the world..Were Looking for this to be a place for GROWN folk to meet,relax,build ,share ideas & Smiles..where else but the East Side. We also have some special Treats Planned for you..from live Art to live performances
oh yeah and its FREE.
would love to see you.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

930am Tahoe time.

Werd.we chilling in the big two floor condo 2 bedroom king size bed Double shower heads 8th floor view of the golf course and Mountain range room..after yesterday started with a rush to the airport to get 10 crew members and check 10 equipment bags on a flight to Tahoe.. last to board but u know they saved the best for last..crew

landed. get the rentals 2 GMC Tahoe's for Tahoe good we rolled about an hour drive from the arrive at the village the same place they built for the 84 Olympics.. we needed to get set up b4 we hit the Hotel, so the night could be ours..after a crazy ass truck ride to the "High camp" all the way up the Mountain,we found our location for the weekend The Converse Target art Dome..

so we got the rundown from the Corp heads set up run some tests and decided to hike down the Mountain and ride the tram back!Toks Hates Heights had no idea (" im from Africa there aint no trams over Mountain shit,you said lake Tahoe not Mt. Tahoe") he be 11,000 ft Printing T shirts...By this time crew is Starving.hit the hotel, felt like we were on the MTV real world...full kitchen so Intern the cook of the crew was ready to throw down,blunts rolled smoked. eat time..steaks,spinach,mushrooms,bok choi,other mixed veggies and vodka and crown royal to keep it smooth.. time to its 930 we bout to get ready for our first day at wonder lust bring on the hippies.

10 hrs later its 931pm ,say tired... long hott day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wonderlust or Bust!

Well all packed and ready to go for 4 days of Nature Yoga & Music with the city slickers of the Hit & Run Crew such a strange match but i guess not silk screening is like a form of meditation and crew has its own technique for sure....this is also a history making trip for the crew 2 presses 3 days of printing most crew sent out of state..
big up to the crew def nit we making things happen
roll call on this adventure:

im excited i love to travel and when we all get together is always fun..never been to Tahoe either and from the pictures it looks i have both my cameras packed an d ready to bring home some 213 perspective!!
my mom says the indigenous people held Tahoe a sacred place ..
after an awful week filled with close friend disappointments. they will remain nameless.
(open my eyes wide for sure )

this seems to be exactly what i need to relax see new faces and work..
one of the screens that we will be printing says "open for anything" i couldn't agree more right now.

"John Friend is teaching his first yoga class in the Yoga Tree Tent"

here are some of the planned activities at wonderlust!?
Friday Night @ Mountain Stream midnight clothing swap?
Mass midnight Twister event
The Play Lounge:Play Lounge is a magical outdoor adult play space filled with opportunities to explore freedom, expression, connection, and the joyful child within
I'm there!!!

bye LA wont miss u for now.. check out the fest..
pictures soon..
bout to head out LAX

:: July 24th-26th 2009 ::
Squaw Valley USA, Lake Tahoe, CA

oh yeah just got this from Ms Rona!!thanks love
facts about !

The Geological History of the Lake Tahoe Basin
Although it is commonly believed that Lake Tahoe is of volcanic origin, the Lake Tahoe Basin was actually formed by faulting—fractures in the earth’s crust allowing blocks of land to rise and sink. This occurred over several million years as the Sierra Nevada mountains were rising from a shallow sea. Two principal steep faults evolved, the eastern margin created the Carson Range while the Sierra Nevada mountains rose on the western side. From the “up thrown” fault blocks the highest peaks in the Lake Tahoe Basin originated. Freel Peak (10,891) , Monument Peak (10,067) the present Heavenly Valley Ski Area, Pyramid Peak (9,983) in Desolation Wilderness, and Mt. Tallac (9,735) which has a fault running at its base.

A lake formed near the southern and lowest part of the basin, fed by snow, rain, and draining creeks and rivers. The lake level increased in depth until it found an outlet, then near the present town of Truckee. Several active volcanoes poured lava into the basin, eventually damming the outlet. The waters rose again, several hundred feet higher than the present level. Finally, a new outlet was cut, just east of volcano, Mt. Pluto and Mt. Watson, the present location of Northstar Ski Area and Fiberboard lumber and timber company. Cave Rock on the east shore of Lake Tahoe is the eroded remains of another volcano that once poured lava into the basin. Its “cave" is wave cut, a relic of the ancestral and much bigger Lake Tahoe.

During the Ice Age, glaciers scoured the surrounding landscape to the shape we see today. These rivers of ice followed pre-existing V-shaped stream canyons, carving them as they moved downward to smooth U-shaped valleys. Emerald Bay, Cascade Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake and the Echo Lakes now fill some of these U-shaped valleys. Moraines, glacial debris left behind, blocked the outlet again, changing it to the present Truckee River outlet at Tahoe City.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Peace Service.

Extend thought into action.
Proliferate consciousness.
Put the word out.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

RT@Jesus are u getting this or what!

So with all this twitter craze going on and everyone and there mom taken it so fucken serious!?!? (PLEASE) What a day making event to see this sign i had my friend make a U turn so i could pull over and photograph it...i have to admit i think twitter isnt really that cool at all and its also a question of who owns twitter? why every TV network Record label tv shows and so on and so on are promoting it using it Brainwashing us like i need to use it & I'm missing out on there ramble to make me use more of there un useful information and products.. ..what I'm getting at is all the big CORPS support twitter...hummm interesting, who are these people that figured out how to tie all this together connected the dots in such a way to make sense of this waste of time that also seems to be a tracking device on your phone..
i heard of all these new security issues about people twitting and all the trouble that might arise from someone seeing a twit that not suppose too ..i remember the saying keep my name out your a days keep your twit shut or i will shut it for you? who knows .as for me..i use it like a video game i twit stuff that i could care less about.. sorry but its true you want to know what im doing call me up let me know let me here your voice not the sound of my phone going off cause i got twit from u and then u getting mad at me cause i didnt twit you back?and what about all these people in the same room with each other twitting back and forth or at a concert twitting to each other..what about watching the concert.. isnt that what u are there for? i mean its unfortunate to see people with there faces in the phone while some live ish is going on right in front of them Telling the person next to them FF @ RT@ TT%$#!! too much ALREADY...maybe I'm getting old or i just don't care all that much.(i can just see all the un Followers of me after reading this..i mean it was just two years ago that i lifted my text block..cause b4 that me and the x were chilling on Christmas day when our phones didn't ring once with voices of friends but mass texts wishing us cheer on that day...we both looked at each other and knew what we had to do..just so un back to who is behind twitter my answer the CIA. right?. Some government agency or something..i mean come on who else?..instead of looking for you. lets make a device that all these ego maniacs can tell us what there doing and we will put it in there fancy phones that use our GPS (you know they use the same satellite btw) and track them and keep it all friendly.think about it sounds like a perfect plan...alright enough But hats off to Pastor Joey for bringing it up this Sunday right on brother PREACH!!
i think Jesus would be like whats a twitter anyways..

Friday, July 17, 2009


so the blog is up and ready to go ,its been here for awhile but i needed more time then i first happens like that here is to the Constant ramble of the internet..
the news letter went out today and when i find the time i will post it here but for now its all about the biters we live with that profit off true artist.. check it and you tell me. 10 DEEP NEEDS TO BE CHECKED FOR REAL!? WTF!

NOW you be the judge?




need to thank my man ALi for putting me up on this..
what is the deal these days anyhow?
out for now!!