Friday, July 24, 2009

Wonderlust or Bust!

Well all packed and ready to go for 4 days of Nature Yoga & Music with the city slickers of the Hit & Run Crew such a strange match but i guess not silk screening is like a form of meditation and crew has its own technique for sure....this is also a history making trip for the crew 2 presses 3 days of printing most crew sent out of state..
big up to the crew def nit we making things happen
roll call on this adventure:

im excited i love to travel and when we all get together is always fun..never been to Tahoe either and from the pictures it looks i have both my cameras packed an d ready to bring home some 213 perspective!!
my mom says the indigenous people held Tahoe a sacred place ..
after an awful week filled with close friend disappointments. they will remain nameless.
(open my eyes wide for sure )

this seems to be exactly what i need to relax see new faces and work..
one of the screens that we will be printing says "open for anything" i couldn't agree more right now.

"John Friend is teaching his first yoga class in the Yoga Tree Tent"

here are some of the planned activities at wonderlust!?
Friday Night @ Mountain Stream midnight clothing swap?
Mass midnight Twister event
The Play Lounge:Play Lounge is a magical outdoor adult play space filled with opportunities to explore freedom, expression, connection, and the joyful child within
I'm there!!!

bye LA wont miss u for now.. check out the fest..
pictures soon..
bout to head out LAX

:: July 24th-26th 2009 ::
Squaw Valley USA, Lake Tahoe, CA

oh yeah just got this from Ms Rona!!thanks love
facts about !

The Geological History of the Lake Tahoe Basin
Although it is commonly believed that Lake Tahoe is of volcanic origin, the Lake Tahoe Basin was actually formed by faulting—fractures in the earth’s crust allowing blocks of land to rise and sink. This occurred over several million years as the Sierra Nevada mountains were rising from a shallow sea. Two principal steep faults evolved, the eastern margin created the Carson Range while the Sierra Nevada mountains rose on the western side. From the “up thrown” fault blocks the highest peaks in the Lake Tahoe Basin originated. Freel Peak (10,891) , Monument Peak (10,067) the present Heavenly Valley Ski Area, Pyramid Peak (9,983) in Desolation Wilderness, and Mt. Tallac (9,735) which has a fault running at its base.

A lake formed near the southern and lowest part of the basin, fed by snow, rain, and draining creeks and rivers. The lake level increased in depth until it found an outlet, then near the present town of Truckee. Several active volcanoes poured lava into the basin, eventually damming the outlet. The waters rose again, several hundred feet higher than the present level. Finally, a new outlet was cut, just east of volcano, Mt. Pluto and Mt. Watson, the present location of Northstar Ski Area and Fiberboard lumber and timber company. Cave Rock on the east shore of Lake Tahoe is the eroded remains of another volcano that once poured lava into the basin. Its “cave" is wave cut, a relic of the ancestral and much bigger Lake Tahoe.

During the Ice Age, glaciers scoured the surrounding landscape to the shape we see today. These rivers of ice followed pre-existing V-shaped stream canyons, carving them as they moved downward to smooth U-shaped valleys. Emerald Bay, Cascade Lake, Fallen Leaf Lake and the Echo Lakes now fill some of these U-shaped valleys. Moraines, glacial debris left behind, blocked the outlet again, changing it to the present Truckee River outlet at Tahoe City.

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