Saturday, February 7, 2009

the Break .its over..

My new Year has begun.
turning 38 a few days ago celebrating in superb fashion with friends that showed me love!! knowing i had been a little down.. not in a bad bad way but kind of serious mood that comes from reflecting on your path that has brought you to another year gone.. Truth, i remain blessed... coming off the year that changed me. made me take a long look inward to deal with the retaliative outside correctly loss & love love & loss.the human struggle.

the last 4 months i decided to take off.
for the first time in my life (alot of first times in my life going on these days) off from the constant hustle of promotions, myspace, news letter, peace project keeping up with whats going on in the news telling you Keeping the Minister de Propaganda myth alive..Enough! i had to stop anything that included any extra effort of my brain and energy.. i made the decision not to get lost and stay busy but release all of it and really listen to my heart and pay respect to what had been 2008 who i had been and who with and thank full for all that i had to learn and GET IT.. big thing for me cause for as long as i can remember i have done kind of opposite work hard grind harder. fuck the pain away.ego ego ego save me I'm drowning. clawing to the top like a crab in a barrel you know how it looks imagine how it feels..
Not this time..

Something yelled loud and clear this is it.WAKE UP.
Can you HEAR me.Are u Moving forward?are u feeling the pain... knowing it. being ok with it.
because in the end it is only the fear of how wonderful it could be,the trick of the past.that no longer exists. the key to the present is how wonderful it is & how wonderful it will be if u allow it
i'd rather be here. now.

so i took off to get my self in order. with a clear perspective on what is important to me.and how happy i can really be. what is it i really want to do and where i want to go.
one Reason why this Blog is now in effect.

where do i start?
some foto's of the birthday dinner!

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