Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Carter & the Q.

Lil Wayne Quincy Jones all in the same room.
well not Exactly,but close enough.

Monday i Had the Opportunity to shoot BHS of a private screening of the new Film"The Carter " an inside look at Lil Wanye . It didn't hit me until i was pulling up and walking in the door. I was in a place that few people have seen and of those that had been here b4 the music elite States men,Activist and so on..QUINCY JONES House....

OK. I don't flip on meeting anyone really but this was different.i was given the tour and told the Rules.Then left alone,walking into the award room for the first time..mind blowing.I went back more the once just to make sure it was still there like a secret treasure room.We all know the history of this Man but when u see it in grammys,MTV dudes & Oscar just chilling right there in person big difference..

The night begins with some food, drinks & Conversation in Q's living room some of the of the invited guests:
Ben Lyons,Chamillionaire,Tyrese Gibson,F.Gary Gray,Sal Masekela,Catt Sadler,Ashlan Gorse,Carlos E. Lopez,Douda Runway & oh yeah Me the fly on the wall with a D5.

After an Hour of Chat drinks and light eats we are ready to see the flick, Ben invites us all to make our way to the Screening room..Nice big couches and of course the walls laced with movie posters of all the work Quincy has done the past..

Some laughs,sighs and even frowns during the showing.. i think all of us viewing this for the first time had no idea what we were going to see.Lil Wayne.. all that we knew & heard but never really see.The inside workings of how to do this rap school can teach you. Most of the interviews take place in Amsterdam following him day to day..which really consist of him recording recording recording like a machine all the time under the influence of the syrup and weed..its a bit amazing this young mans work ethic and character.

He has a portable studio that he carries around in a black bag, and it allows him to lay down a track anytime anywhere,on His bus in the hotel room not writing anything down all in his head.whoa.They are times in the film when his sure brilliance shines through all the Weezy ness "Repetition is the father of Success" and raw thoughts on being president..

"I would put cocaine back in Coca-Cola, I would put that back," "[laughs] I think I'd get love for that. I'd take off all bad substances from sports, so there would be no more steroids [restrictions]. So you could use whatever steroid or hormone to grow you want, as long as you hitting home runs, it's fine with me. I would make prostitution legal in about five more states, gambling too. And you know I would legalize weed, first and second and I would put a law to it that there's no more child support and there's no more, what they call that stuff when you get married, the little pre-nup, you ain't got to sign that because she don't get nothing. Because marriage, that don't mean nothing because she lay with you for a lot of years she gotta get something? I been laying with a lot of b*tches too these whole times. So, I'd change that..."
(The Carter)

The film makers were lucky enough to be there when his Album went platinum in a week,as he takes it in stride and keeps on recording..All in love with the music this man is.I recommend yall check for it.

With this all in mind when the flick was over u can imagine the conversations that Erupted..started off by Tyrese Wondering about the Kids that would be watching this?

Mr 5D Fly on the wall:
Sitting hear listening to the points brought up by men of color some my age and Elders all Together part of this Los Angeles music, film existence in the home of one of the great influences on all of these Mediums ,a very uplifting experience..
The discussion went all over the place as i expected, this was a Special Cypher to witness up in the Bel Air Hills with a view of LA below.

Q broke it down of course as he is famous for doing, really tapping into the Responsibility of our relationships of all people from leaders to followers that are involved in Creating our "Stars" of music film and so on. His self to MJ,Spike Lee, Jay Z, Opera & Obama all were included in this conversation.I started to wonder how many conversations like this needed to happen more often with my friends at our level of growth & where we were at with this music film thing how we were helping each other..
Making things CHANGE With POSITIVE IMAGES & TRUTH in our ART.

Q dropped 2 golden quotes:

"Humility with your creation, grace with your success"

"Not one drop of myself worth depends on your acceptance of me"

Made Tyrese jump up and write it down,i took it to Memory, no pen like Lil Wayne.

This was night i am Very thankful. Working & learning at the same time never gets old.
the night ended with Hand shakes,Hugs & Q showing us a rare video of James brown show where he calls up Mj & Prince to get down with him they both had dueling records on the charts at the time Q says:so u can see the nervousness of both them and the way out Antics of Prince..Classic.

The next night i was also invited to the Public Screening at the Silent theatre on Fairfax it was a packed house

Big up to QD3 and Brianne pins for letting me take part and capture these events, if you looking to check it out all the info is here:
Its worth your while for sure.

Lil Wayne will have his first full access documentary "The Carter" hit stores on the 17th of this month and now a new trailer has hit the internet showing how behind the scenes the film truely is. The new movie is an in-depth look at Dwayne Carter Jr, better known to us as Lil Wayne, who is often proclaimed (mainly by himself) as the "greatest rapper alive." Featuring comprehensive and personal interviews with Weezy and insight from those who know him the best, the documentary will give fans a chance to find out the history surrounding one of the most prolific artists of our generation.


  1. thank you for sharing this...

    "Not one drop of myself worth depends on your acceptance of me"



  2. Thank you for sharing...
    "Not one drop of myself worth depends on your acceptance of me"