Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wednesday's: Evidence of Divine Nonchalance

2 weeks Ago We Kicked off a New Night.
Its Been A minute Since Coleman & I Have Got Down on a regular gig together..We had been Looking for something to do Play our Music LOUD Experiment and just have a good time.We Found it.We Also Invited Mr Gazooo to Take Part in This New Adventure He fit Right in..

Funny Story About the Short Stop..First time i every played there it was a mess.. (10yrs ago?) I think it was a private party that Coleman,Hawkins, Paris & Myself Played, saw dust on the floor broken lights exposed wires..ha! Before This Party they had been closed and were trying to make the transformation from off duty Cop & Dodger fan dive bar. As i recall a couple of weeks later they re opened to The public..the party was a success!Flash forward they have cleaned it up and have made a nice little name for them selfs in ye old Echo Parke!!

December 8th started like most Nights Do Some of the Fam showed up to support and B4 we Knew it we went From Bar Drinkers to Packed Dance floor Just the way we like it.

We Doing it Again This Coming Wednesday
Get ya Pre Holiday Tune in and Zone Out Dance On
We LOVE to play Music For you.

The Divine Nonchalance
2nd & 4th Wednesday Nights.

A Night to Convert your Mind & let your Body be under our control

w/ Auditory Perceptionists COLEMAN.AZUL.GAZOOO

World Snares.Cumbia Disco Breaks.Hip Hop Treats.Freestyle LA Sounds.
The ride is fantastic, but the destination remains uncertain...

The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles.90027

21+ FREE -> Like your mind Should Be!

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