Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dj Quik's Groove!

Last Night I was privileged to have a sneak peak and listen to Dj Quiks Band Rehearsal.
Now Being a Fan of Quik since back in the day & knowing a bit of history on his producing skills i jumped at the opportunity... live funkified LA jam session. I didn't know really what to expect, this year for me has been all about live music from the Artdontsleep jam sessions to the Timeless Orchestra's its just been blessings in music one after another...Last night was right in line.
so i roll up and the band is getting ready, I introduce myself saying "I just want to be the fly on the wall don’t pay me no mind”. A couple minutes later Russell Redeaux of Stampede Management my contact shows up he tells me do my thing Quik should be here soon, Bet. I have some time take a smoke break in the truck get my Head together ,little did i know my timing would be on point.. As i'm walking back from my hotbox session behind walks Quik I turn to him as we walk in...I Introduce myself...He tells me he remembers me from the NBA live shoot just didn't remember my name and thanks me for coming out. I’m like man I'm really glad to be here!! Sounding like a school girl crushing…Catching my long smile i say thank you for letting me come out, and I proceed to disappear in plane sight..

it takes a minute for everyone to get set up Quik has his Valentine Red MPC,there is drums, two keyboards voice coders,bass,computers,guitar,Saxophone,more Keys.. These guys start jamming and its like what!? Quik is all over the place from working the Board to jumping on the MPC, sampling Drums for the drummer, pointing out the right Keys and tunes to the Bass player. I start to see how Masterful this Man is.RESPECT.the band is sounding amazing He knows actually what he wants but he’s not afraid to let the band also do there thing a bit. Musicianship at it’s best. Then Battlecat shows up The Energy in the room just gets HIGHER.Smiles & Handshakes West Coast Hip Hop legends in the room for sure. A Complete Band now they bust into it

Quik plays the tracks First then the band chimes in and he makes tweaks then they jam. This being there first Rehearsal, whoa they are going again tonight too, Friday nights Performance at the HOB they are going to be some heads blown for sure. Me being the only non band member in the room Head Bobbing foot tapping picture taken I'm getting smiles as its obvious i am being moved by what is happening here., they can feel it as well Quik is Pleased indeed..

Quik's " dam you sound good... face"

We could all be here for ever Blacknout as Quik calls it...
As they run down the Classic like "Tonight" with a Flip, Born & Raised in Compton, Get at Me,Etc..i cant help but think when i first heard these songs & that i would ever be in the Same room with Quik but to go to a venue to see these being performed with a full band....Fantasy! Our Music has come a long way and for that we are all blessed.. Thank you Quik,Russell & Rona for letting me take part.

check the show this Friday night, Pure fire Trust!!!

Thanks Cashmere Agency for the information Below

Notable hip-hop producer DJ Quik is bringing back his popular jam session style concert series,
Quik's Groove, to the House of Blues in Los Angeles located on the Sunset Strip. The first concert of the series will begin on September 25th, 2009. Quik's Groove combines the elements of hip-hop, R&B, jazz & funk against a back drop of live music.

“This is my own musical playhouse.”, says DJ Quik. “Quiks Grooves are special to me because they are not your typical DJ Quik show. Quik's Groove give me a chance to be a fan of music again and invite out artists that I have admired and BlaQKout with them under the appreciation of musicianship and artistry. You will never see the same show twice and you never know who might show up. The new partnership with the House of Blues on the legendary Sunset Strip is sure to make each night one to remember.”

Last year, Quik's Groove sold out Los Angeles’ own Key Club, as well as The Grove in Anaheim where Quik performed with a live symphony. Guests from past Quik's Grooves' include an array of hip-hop and R&B stars, including Xzibit, Ricky Bell (Bell Biv Devoe), Lady of Rage, Kurupt, Yo Yo, Jay Rock, Murs, Truth Hurts, Problem, Latoiya Williams, Dogg Pound and Raekwon. Quik's Groove and the House of Blues plan to announce new and exciting special guests to join the line up for the September 25th event.

Make sure you don't miss out this time!
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