Monday, October 5, 2009


Saturday i woke up laying in my bed slowly focusing on my ceiling fan going round & round..Thinking about The past month of promoting our event ASHE..thoughts of what was in store for the evening reflecting on how happy i felt to be working with my very close crew.IronHoney.The day had arrived and it was starting..

The process of getting music ready for events is always different For me.Not to mention when you decide to play Wax.not just making a play list at my desk on my computer...
but pulling my records and siting and listening to what comes to some musical order.
(kind of an all day...pre-event private stress party)
This night was not only about taking it back but Moving it forward

"A night to celebrate our divine oneness,through rhythm and dance"

ASHE our first night of an on going working relationship of good friends to express The music close to us freely in a new place..but also the first chance to collectively celebrate Diana & Kaya's wedding Anniversary & 30th birthday... so as i lay there having all these warm thoughts of what this night meant to me and all those involved and the people planning to attend ...
Maybe i should go back to sleep and nap,till this feeling goes away
NO I need to jump and get these records together!!

The Process begins 1pm.The process ends 745pm.

i got lost in the music didn't put anything in order,just grabbed what i wanted to play and grouped them in two bags .Afro Latin electronic future disco jams & the basics of those rhythms cumbias salsa & Batucadas..i trusted that the sequence would come to me later that with just enough time to get ready drive by radio shack to pick up some recordable mini disks to record the sets of the night... im Off.first stop.
Azul: do you guys have recordable mini disks
Radio shack:No sir we don't carry those anymore.
its 845 I'm late need to do get to sound check and set more time to stop.
900:Son Zoo.greats me.we plug up and start getting the sound in order.
soon after Ironhoney in the place.Faces painted,Headdress on, face painting booth good to go.
incense burning,Candles Lit.sound checked.lets dim the lights.

10:00 Tok's starts us with the Afrobeat Assault the room starts to fill

11:30 I get on the decks.Opening with the Introduction Narrative from a Tumba Francesa record on Afro Cuban Music..blending at the same time a Louie Vega cut "Africa/Brasil" its on...about an hour and a half later i awoke from the music knowing i had dropped some heat from uptempo Afro Latin house to a cumbia salsa set that judging by the crowded dance floor had been just what was needed no planned set just the vibe and energy of the night..

time to hand it over to Son Zoo to finish it off..
And That he did with his own mix of Next level Diaspora Afro-progressive sounds..
i have to thank all of the people that came out Saturday night it was a wonderful evening and with out you it wouldn't be possible.thank you Paul @Blu Monkey for letting us transform your space to hold these music sessions.. thank you Kaya & Diana (IronHoney) Toks,Sonny & Manny for doing what u do.. we have a lot to be thankful for and more events to produce..

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